Challenge groups are free private Facebook groups for participants to come together to encourage one another on their fitness journey.




In the group you will be with other like-minded participants who have similar goals. You will get:

  • Daily interaction with other participants. You will post your workout and meals. This will help you stay accountable and it will allow me to see what you are eating so I can make suggestions to tweak your intake for better success.
  • Weekly tips, encouragement and/or recipes.
  • Monthly call and/or video on topics you need more help with. I will answer questions, encourage you during the rough times. Show you how to record your successes and much more. 
  • Access to The Beachbody Challenge contest—where they’ll be eligible to win $500 cash daily and over $100,000 for sharing their amazing results.

Are you ready to join? I am ready to see you meet your goals. We can do this together. I will be with you each step of the way.

Again, this group is only for those of you who are serious about living a healthy and fit lifestyle and are determined to reach your goals. 

To get started or to get more info contact me below.