A Runner’s Christmas Gift Wish List

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Never know what to get the runner on your list?

Let me help you out. I have been running for many years and have trained well over 300 people to run/walk marathons and half marathons, so I have seen a lot of running gear. Some I love and others not so much.

This is my 3rd year to make this list. I think it is my favorite post of the year. I have combined the gift ideas from the last two years plus added new to make this list even better. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the products.


  1. Safety First

I am a safety first kind of girl so this is one of my favorite suggestions. This is a tag you get made with your info so that if something were to happen while out running, or participating in any activity, your emergency information is easily found.

Shoe ID Tags – Important Identification for Runners, Cyclists, Athletes, Travelers, and Children

2. Hydration Belts

Personally I have always used the brand, Fuel Belt, but I have never heard complaints on any brand. Depending on the distance your runner runs would be how many ounces you would want to make sure the belt holds. The types of hydration belts come in lots of varieties, some you wear and some you hold. My favorite is the one shown below.

Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt (Royal/White, Medium)

3. Spi Belts

I LOVE my Spi Belt. It holds so much. Yes it even holds an iPhone 6 and keys. 


SPIbelt Sports / Running Belt – The Original No Bounce Belt – Large Pocket Fits New iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy – Black with HotPink Zipper

4. Compression Pants

These are gold for runners. They help prevent injuries, help circulation and provide stability. It took me a while before I would splurge on them, but it is all I wear on my long runs. They come in various brands, colors and lengths. The ones shown below are my favorites.

CW-X Women’s 3/4 Length Stabilyx Tights (Black, Medium)

5. Compression Socks

These are fantastic for recovery. They are mostly worn during recovery, but at times I will wear them while I run. These are getting very popular and come in a variety of colors and designs. Again, my favorite brand is the one shown below. You can get them in all heights or even footless. If your runner struggles with shin splints I would recommend the tall or footless ones.


PRO Compression: Marathon Compression Socks, Purple, Small/Medium

6. PiYo

This is a fantastic workout program to compliment marathon training. It is fantastic for stretching and strengthening the core.


Piyo Base Kit

7Hydration Backpacks

For those of you that know long distance runners, ultra runners, hikers or other similar sports this is a great product.  I love this pack because it can carry up to 100 oz. of water depending on which size you purchase. This is very helpful on hot summer days to not have to stop and refill, or when you are in a place you cannot refill. It also help to keep the water cool. Think small and light because it does have to be worn while running and you don’t want it to move around. One thing I wish mine had was a pocket in the front on the shoulder strap. Look around there are many brands, styles and features.

Camelbak Products Men’s Classic Hydration Pack, Pure Blue, 70-Ounce

8. Socks

Socks make great stocking stuffers. Many runners are very specific as to which sock they like so you may want to find out before buying. If you know someone that is new to running trying different brands is a great way to see what works. Plus I have learned you can never have too many pairs. Do Not go out and get regular socks made of cotton. I have also never found a generic store brand that works better. They tend to stretch out quickly, and there is nothing worse than a sock that falls down. My favorite brand is feetures.

Feetures Unisex Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab – Deep Purple/Periwinkle Socks MD (Men’s Shoe 5-8.5, Women’s Shoe 6.5-9.5)

9. Shakeology

This is such a great product for everyday health. Shakeology contains over 70 superfood ingredients to help your body recover everyday. The link below is to a sampler pack so each flavor can be tried before purchasing a month supply.

For even more info…


10. Foam Roller

This is a injury preventer and life saver. Many runners, especially woman, have experienced pain in the IT band.  This roller helps to work out that pain as well as help other areas. You basically use your body weight and roll over the roller to help break up the lactic acid that builds up. Exercises usually come with the roller plus you can find them demonstrated online. There are two types, one is smooth and others have bumps as shown below. I prefer the smooth because it hurts less, but the bumpy one can get deeper into the muscle.


Foam Roller


Rumble Roller



Another great stocking stuffer and inexpensive. This is a type of shoelace that is great for those of us who just want to slip our shoes on and go. I used these when I did a triathlon and needed to be able to get my shoes on quickly and not worry about getting them tied right.

Yankz Sure Lace System – Black Laces with Black Casings


12. Garmin or other GPS Watch

I use to own a garmin and I would still highly recommend the garmin brand. This is a watch designed for runners, walkers and cyclist that measures your distance, speed, calories, maps your run and many more things you can imagine. I am really hoping this is what I find under my Christmas tree this year. I am still in debate over a new garmin or an apple watch. I am currently using my phone with multiple apps to do some of what the garmin did and if I could see all of that on the apple watch I would be in Heaven. Also, to be able to change the music on the watch and not have to dig my phone out would be fantastic.

One of my friends has this Garmin and loves it.

Garmin Forerunner 15 Small, Teal/White

Apple Watch 38mm Silver Aluminum Case Blue Sport Band

13. Running Jacket

When purchasing a jacket you want to find one that is light weight and can fold up easily if you need to take it off during the run. I personally like to make sure it has a hood.

Sugoi Men’s Hydrolite Jacket, White/Black, Small


14. Gloves

In the south I did not need these often, but when I did need them I was so glad to have them. Now they are a must.  Mine are Brooks running gloves, but the ones shown below look exactly the same. They have the yellow “wind breaker” cover that pulls over.

Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitt,Black,Medium


15. Fleece Lined Running Pants

This is a new one for me. Never in my life would I think this is something I would need. We just moved from Houston, Tx. to Montana and my entire running wardrobe is needing a change. I thought the fleece lining would feel awful but it was not. Loved them.

Sugoi Women’s MidZero Tight (Black, X-Small)


16. Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports

This is such a great book. Katherine was the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon. H


Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports

Last but certainly not least…

17. The New Performance Line

This is my all time favorite product for this year. This is the new performance line released this summer. I was able to try it out while training for a half marathon this fall. I had much less soreness and it all tasted really good. You can purchase each item individually or all together in a stack as you will find in the link below.


The Performance Line Stack

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment section below and please share with anyone you know who has a runner on their list.


**This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you buy the product (at no additional cost to you).  Thanks for your support!

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